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In her newest series of paintings, Mann is exploring how we understand the identities of the people we are closest to, the people we live with, and how we abstract them from who they are as we internally meld them with ourselves, and our own identities. exploring how we never truly see the other person for who they are, but instead we see what we have created in our minds, the version of them that we want to see. is abstraction and obsession runs through the work where the subject (her partner) is continually being obscured from view, Mann’s hair covering and enveloping him, text over the image reads “you are not me, you are not mine, but somehow we are one.” the text almost blends into the image like the two figures merging together. Each image a digital manipulation, altering, and abstract- ing him as she draws over his face in some instances, and in another image light blows out the subject where only certain parts are visible. is series a next step in Mann’s continued foray into identity, self and now what is ‘other’.

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