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Jen Mann's bodies of work delve into complex themes of identity, relationships, life, and death, interweaving them to create a narrative of self-exploration and societal critique. From early in her career Mann's use of visual metaphors draws on popular culture and puns to explore our understanding of ourselves and others in her series Q&A (2013). Self-absolved (2016) examines self-identity in the age of social media and selfies, tackling societal projections of love and desire through dream-like paintings and dry, self-satirical humour. Notes on Love (2018) further explores relationships, highlighting how we create versions of our loved ones in our minds through digital manipulations that obscure her partner. In Send Pix (2019), Mann uses clowns and masks to depict social anxiety inspired by emojis and social media. Metonymy (2019) challenges our definition of self and what is real by obfuscating Mann with layers of distraction such as glossy wigs, theatrical makeup, and magazine text. Other Sister (2022) constructs an elaborate fictional narrative that critiques contemporary culture of self-representation through the corporate gaze, blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction through a range of media. Overall, Mann's works provide a thought-provoking examination of societal constructs and the complexities of the human experience. Mann’s work is colourful, funny, thoughtful and rich.

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